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Once you're happy with your draft document, I can help with the readability, flow of logic and consistency. My role is to help ensure that the reader can focus on your amazing research without stumbling over convoluted sentences, getting confused over terminology and losing interest when paragraphs jump between too many ideas.

A line and copyedit will smooth your writing so that the context, ideas and supporting evidence flow. I can help emphasise key aspects of your academic research to provide a robust, well-written document the is presented clearly, concisely and professionally, in one with journal requirements.

I provide a detailed, line by line, word by word edit of your document to ensure clarity and flow of the text and logical connections between sentences and paragraphs. I edit language, structure, and grammar, and provide feedback to:

  • Reduce wordiness and repetition.

  • Ensure appropriate use of idiom, style and tone.

  • Ensure appropriate use of terminology e.g. units of measurement.

  • Ensure organisation, readability and placement of figures and figure legends.

PRICE: Subject to review of sample text and with final word count.  

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