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Green Leaves

"Perfect job! Caroline helped me a lot to reduce superfluous words from my text. She also gave some useful comments for clarity. I strongly recommend her."

- Light copyedit and proofreading client

A proofread improves your writing by fixing language and grammar errors, correcting typos, and improving clarity. A light edit is best completed once you have your final version ready. Using tracked changes, I will provide you with: 

  • A check for completeness and correct placement of document sections

  • Correct use of English/US spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Consistency and flow of language, terminology, style, symbols, abbreviations etc.

  • Consistency in the format of figures and tables

  • A page number and subheading check

  • Suggestions for reducing repetition and redundancy

  • An editorial style sheet and notes to author

  • A reference and citation check can also be added upon request.


Pricing is based on a 5-working day turnaround time, starting from when I have received all relevant documentation and you have confirmed that you have read the terms and conditions. 

For turnaround time of under 48 hours (2 days) there is a 25% rush fee.

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