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What my clients say:

"Best editing work I’ve seen. A plus plus plus. Clear communication, great product, on time or early!! Thank you!!"


"Caroline does a fantastic job editing technical documents. She has a remarkable ability to grasp technical ideas outside her areas of expertise and recalibrate their explanations in ways that make the document easier to read and understand. Her corrections, comments, and suggestions highlight the extraordinary level of care and attention that she gives to her projects. I really enjoy working with her; she is friendly, dependable, professional, and timely in her communications and project execution."

"Thank for the excellent service and great support"


"Caroline provided a meticulous edit and clear feedback on academic paper."

"Caroline is highly professional in English editing of technical papers. Above all, she understands technical content and gives extensive invaluable comments on how to improve the presentation and its understanding. She did several projects for me and I plan to engage her in book editing."

"Great support. Highly recommend."

"Dr. Palmer is a highly qualified, detail-oriented editor who will not disappoint you. She's been critical to the success of our editing work and we'd recommend her to anyone looking for a serious editor with extensive expertise!"

"Caroline is fabulous to work with and has been a huge help to me. She is quick to respond and very flexible to work within tight deadlines. Not only does she do a wonderful job, but she has also taught me a lot and I feel I am now a better writer because of her help."

"Very helpful and professional."

"I greatly appreciate the VERY high-quality feedback/edits/suggestions you provide. It almost feels like I sent the paper to a reviewer. In fact, reviewers are never so detailed. Therefore, I find your service extremely valuable. I am very pleased with your outstanding service!"

"Caroline is a professional writer and editor with an advanced science background. She is uniquely qualified to employ an effective combination of knowledge and expertise for handling technical work. In this project, she edited a technical document pertaining to engineering mechanics. Her editorial changes and suggestions, and her ability to rethink and reorganize the presentation were exceptional. She has injected coherence, flow, and completeness into the document, making the read easier and the ideas better connected and illustrated. I could not have asked for a better outcome. She went well above and beyond the initial project requirements to produce this quality outcome." - Technical Document.

"A reliable proofreader"

"Thank your very much for the great review of my manuscript. I am really satisfied with your proofreading and editing services. The additional comments and suggestions really help me to improve my manuscript." -  Scientific manuscript, English as a second language.

"I was looking for a freelancer that connected with the topic of my ebook and she did amazing with it. All the corrections and recommendations were of so much value. I am very grateful and happy that I decided to work with her." - E-book (non-academic)

"very quick and efficient proofreading! comments were clear and concise with suggestions on how to improve my paper."- Scientific manuscript

"It was nice to work with you and surely I will recommend to my friends to make use of your service. Thank you once again for your assistance to improve my manuscript." - Scientific manuscript

"Having previously struggled with academic writing, I am extremely thankful for Caroline’s mentorship throughout my final year dissertation. She worked alongside my programme leader to provide me with simple suggestions that drastically improved the structure, flow and clarity of my draft documents as well as signposting errors in my language and terminology. Not only did these engagements improve the overall quality of my work, but she has helped me develop my academic writing skills, of which I will carry through into my professional career. Her professional experiences in academic writing were very evident and I am overwhelmingly happy with the grade that I received for my work. Furthermore, she has been helpful, kind and responsive to my questions throughout. I highly recommend Caroline’s services to anyone who needs a little extra help in communicating their knowledge and ideas effectively. Thank you, Caroline!" - Honours dissertation.

"I was blown away with the detail, it helped so much and such simple and easy to follow adjustments." - 2nd year degree coursework.

"I am so grateful for your advice and the time you put into looking at my essay" - Masters coursework.

"I really appreciate all your comments and recommendations!" - Masters Thesis, English as a second language. 

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